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Hi I'm Eve, nice to meet you!

Hi. I'm Eve. Thanks for stopping by :)

I'm a level 2 and 3 qualified Fitness Instructor with over ten year's experience of teaching Dance Fitness.

I started when I discovered Zumba in 2007 and became instantly hooked on the music, energy and atmosphere.  It was unlike any fitness class I'd ever attended. It was friendly and non intimidating. There was a whole mix of people of all ages and abilities. The movement felt natrual, it felt good for my body, I left that first class feeling like I'd worked every inch of my body and loved every single minute. From that point on I knew I was addicted.

It ignited my passion for fitness - something I'd always loved as a participant and often dreamed of taking further. So much so, I decided to become a fitness teacher.

I studied hard, devouring courses from Anatomy & Physiology through to Body Conditioning, Clubbercise, Street Dance and Step and many more.  Of all the classes I have taught over the years, Latin music styles are definitely my favourite.

​So after initially instructing in Falmouth, I added to my timetable and started the first Zumba Classes in Newquay in early 2010. I was unsure what the reaction would be...had anyone heard of it?.. would anyone turn up?... but I could not have been more blown away by people's enthusiasm and I was so happy to be able to share this fabulous fitness class with others who were as passionate about it as I was.

They say you don't always remember what you do in your first  class (or first any class for that matter) but you remember how it made you FEEL and that "I've-worked-every-muscle-in-my-body-and-loved-it" feeling, is something I absolutely strive to recreate for my participants at each and every class.​

BUT..the class is not about me. It's about you and the experience and workout that I can give you - that is my complete focus.


My classes are fun, lively and energetic where you will enjoy an uplifting physical and musical dance fitness experience...'exercise in disguise'. And don't be fooled... Dance Fitness may be fun, but we burn some serious calories!

The biggest reward of teaching Dance Fitness is that it provides a format that is adaptable to all abilities, fitness levels and ages. It's a serious workout, but we don't take ourselves seriously.  I am constantly inspired and challenged by participants who never cease to amaze me with their sense of fun, energy and appetite for more.

It inspired me to turn my hobby for fitness, movement & dance into training as an Instructor and since my early days instructing, and running my first Zumba Class in Newquay, I have had the privilege to teach and inspire many other people, across Cornwall to become instructors themselves.

So if you fancy giving the class a try, I'd love to meet you.

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